PCB Technical support at all levels

Chintech can be your best partner for all kinds of PCB. Often it is a complex product. We seek to be at the forefront of PCB technology development and we actively seek cooperation throughout the design phase. We believe that the best PCB solutions can only be developed through close interaction with our customers. Working with us can surprise you. In our Printed Circuit Board products range, you will find rigid PCB, flexible PCB (FPC) and rigid-flex PCB, including single side PCB, double side PCB, multi-layer PCB, HDI PCB, insulated metal base (IMS) PCB, heavy copper PCB and RF/microwave PCB. It is widely used in the following areas: power/energy electronics, communications, industrial control, medical electronics, security electronics, consumer electronics, computer, automotive electronics, aerospace and automobiles.

Single/Double Side





Metal Base

Heavy Copper